Digitise your Education System

An end to end School management Solution for you – One single App providing modules to manage your school. Stay in touch with tomorrow….digitise your education system

Student Monitorig


Handles school management in terms of decision making, student resource management, communication, institutional operational planning , attendance records, performance appraisals, uploading marks and all other student and institution related activities.


Real time cloud based mobile system Works on 2G and 3G network. The PC version is also available. Easy communication, conducting classes and having parent-teachers meetings....on a virtual platform. Think Differently and inspire the next generation with the Smart School Online App.


Provides a Structured Information Exchange Environment for students, teachers, parents and school administration. CBSE/ICSE/STATE BOARD approved education content in an effective, engaging, interactive and easy way to understand and learn. An end to end School management Solution

Why choose Smart School Online?

Traditionally tedious processes like attendance taking, report generation, generating exam notices, school bulletins, communicating campus news, events have been done manually and hence are error-prone.

Existing systems in educational institutions merely enable academic interactions between students and pupils with no centralised student information management system. The process can never do proper justice to deserving students.

Hence there is a need for a web-based solution that performs not only as an intelligent student information management system but also as an overall school management system covering all aspects of management.

Technology Empowered Virtual Education.

  • Enables “student self service” to perform basic administrative functions via simple user friendly app service
  • Ensures data integrity security and privacy
  • Simplified work processes and procedures
  • Flexile to meet changing business processes
  • Data source integration and processing through a “single function”
  • 24 x 7 support and service including training and implementation
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Online Classes

Advantages of Digital Smart Learning for Your School

Intelligence everywhere in the school

Advanced m-PIN logic system to ensure data security. Easily accessible and available anywhere anytime

Multi language messaging system. 100% data delivery guarantee

Advanced parent and school message escalation system. Facilitates easy communication and query resolution

Two parent ids for a single student for simultaneous access to both father and mother. But school pays charges only for single student

Different level of users

  • Administration
  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Student

Real time cloud based mobile system working on 2G and 3G. Eliminates manual data operations

Simple billing system to help school monitor and track payments

Simple registration system. Easy to use interactive user interface

School Teacher
What the teacher say
Smart School Online is an intelligent app for managing students. We can Assess each student to gain a thorough understanding of their academic level, their own understanding, and needs,
Neil Fernandez
Princepal - St Andrews School